Hello, I am GPS

Guek Peng Siong, or GPS as some of mine friends call me, has nearly 30 years of experience in photography. My love for the art started in the 1980s, when I first cradled in mine hands the Minolta Dynax 300i, a camera that was state of the art in its times. Little did I know then that photography was to be a lifelong passion whose flame continues to burn brightly today.

As a testament to Peng Siong artistic talent and technical ability, he has been awarded a Fellowship by the SAFRA Photographic Club. In addition, I also holds Associateships and Fellowships from various Photography societies, like Associateships from the Royal Photographic Society (UK), and Fellowships from Singapore Colour Photo Society, Photographic Society of Malaysia.

Peng Siong is a versatile photographer who is highly adept in the different genres of photography including Events, Pre-Wedding, Actual Day Wedding, Studio Portraiture, Outdoor Portraiture, Performance Dance, Landscape, Street Photography, Sports and much more. In recent years, he has also been specially selected to cover large scale events such as the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar, One Fighting Championships in Manilla, Jakarta, KL and Singapore, National Day Parades and Chingay Parades.

Unlike many photographers who operate solely behind the lens, Peng Siong is an engaging, knowledgeable and approachable instructor who has coached hundreds of students for SAFRA and Sony since 2006 and 2007 respectively. He also conducts regular photography workshops and courses for Automobile Association of Singapore, Red Dot Photo, Singapore Color Photographic Society as well as the SAF. Peng Siong has also contributed articles to the NSMen magazine in highly specialised areas such as night and sports photography.

His insights into the world of photography is also highly valued by the community and in this regard, the Singapore Colour Photo Society and Bedok Community Club have invited him to judge national level competitions.

Peng Siong also believes in giving back to society. Presently, he is an active volunteer photographer for Ren Ci, Major Temple and Children Cancer Foundation. He also finds time to serve as committee member of the SAFRA Photo Club.

Travel Photography

Another way to improve your photography skills would be to travel for photography as the main purpose. Our team of experienced photographers can personally lead photography tours to both exotic and scenic locations. Signature feature of photography tours conducted by us include a small group size with high levels of interaction, awesome photographs and great fun!

Participants can look forward to photographing landscapes, people interest, culture, etc in captivating light and vibrant colours.

The packages will include personalised coaching, room, transport, transfers, meals and a local guide. Air tickets, travel insurance and personal expenses are excluded.

Look out for exciting locations coming your way!

P.S. All overeseas trips are run by Silkway Travel Asia Pte Ltd. STB license no. TA03393

Photography Courses

Peng Siong is pleased to offer the following customisable courses, which will benefit and greatly improve the ability of any photographer. The courses can either be in English or Mandarin.

  • Basic Camera Handling
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Wide Field Astrophotography

  • Enquire more with Peng Siong through email at guekps@gmail.com now!

    Basic Camera Handling

    In the Basic Caamera Handling Course, you will learn both technical and composition skills. Conducted over two to four sessions according to a schedule that is convenient for the participants, you will acquire the ability to understand and set your camera, confidently shoot your subjects under different lighting conditions and compose eye-catching and pleasing photographs.

    This course is offered in a group of up to 30 participants. Individual or small group coaching services are also available. All participants must bring their own DSLR equipment.

    Basic Photo Editing

    In the Basic Photo Editing course, participants will improve their proficiency in popular photo editing software and acquire versatile skills in cropping, adjusting colour, contrasts and saturation, correcting while balances, tone curves, simple cloning and layer masking.

    The course is conducted over three sessions with timings to suit the participants. The course can accommodate up to 5 participants, with individual coaching services being available as well. All participants must being along their own laptops that has at least an i5 processor and 8GB of RAM.

    Wide Field Astrophotography

    In this course, participants will learn basic of Wide Field Astrophotography and get their hands on great photos of stars.

    The course is conducted over two sessions with timings to suit the participants. The course can accommodate up to 5 participants, with individual coaching services being available as well. All participants must bring their own camera equipment.

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